1.         Statistical Abstract of Andhra Pradesh 2003

            Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh 2003.


2.         Economic Survey (2002-2003)

Planning Department, A.P. Secreteriat, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.


3.                  The Factories Act, 1948 and AP State Rules


4.                  ILO Code of Practice for Recording and Notification of Occupational Accidents and diseases


5.                  Annual Report (2002-03) of The Employers Federation Of South India.


6.                  Broucher - The Federation Of Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


7.                  Report from Fire and Emergency Service Department, Govt. of A.P.


8.                  Report from Andhra Pradesh Productivity Council, Hyderabad.


9.                  Report from Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board.


10.             Report from Regional Labour Commissioner (Central)


11.             Report from Directorate Of Economics and Statistics.


12.             Report from The Singareni Collieries Company Limited.


13.             Report from Loss Prevention Association of India Ltd., Hyderabad.


14.             Report From National Safety Council of India, Andhra Pradesh Chapter.


15.             Report from Central Board of Workers Education.


16.             Annual Report (2001-02) from the Directorate of Factories, Andhra Pradesh.


17.             Annual Report of RLI, Chennai.