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Rapid technological development and large-scale mechanisation are posing complex problems about Safety and Health of the industrial Workers. Accident rate in India is very high and is disproportionate to the growth of industries. It also compares unfavourably with the performance in the advanced countries. Need of ensuring Safety and health at work, therefore, is an important area for managerial action. In this context, services of qualified safety professionals in the industry, to plan, implement and monitor accident prevention programmes, are essential.


Recognising this a new Section (Section 40-B) was introduced in the Factories Act 1948 with effect from 26th October 1976, which necessitates any factory employing 1000 or more workers or in which any process or operation is carried on, exposing any person employed in it, to serious risk of bodily injury, poisoning or disease, to employ, one or more safety officers. Already many state Governments and Union territories have framed Rules under Section 40-B of the Factories Act 1948, specifying the qualifications of Safety officers and their duties.  These rules are based on the model rules framed by the Directorate General Factory Advice Service and Labour Institutes, Government of India. As per these rules, for recruitment as Safety Officer, a person should possess a Diploma in industrial safety, recognised by the State Government as an essential qualification.


Anticipating the need of qualified Safety Officers, the REGIONAL LABOUR INSTITUTE KANPUR has been conducting, a one-year, recognised Post Diploma Course in industrial Safety since 1982, which conforms to the requirements as, envisaged in the Factories Rules. This course provides comprehensive education on the practical as well as academic aspects of industrial Safety and Health. This institute entertains applications from candidates employed in the Northern Region (Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh) only.




The course will be conducted through lectures, discussions, case studies, laboratory exercises, relevant film shows and factory visits.  The students are also required to carry out one project & one term work during the course of the programme, as a requirement under the syllabus.





The Course is offered in three terms. During 1st & 3rd terms following eight Compulsory & one Elective papers will be covered:


Compulsory Papers


1.      Safety Management.

2.      Safety Engineering - I

3.      Safety Engineering - II

4.      Appraisal, Analysis, Inspection & Control Procedures.

5.      Safety and the Law.

6.      Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health.

7.      Safety in Chemical Industry.

8.      Environmental Education & Disaster Management.


Elective Papers (Anyone):


1.      Safety in Engineering Industry.

2.      Safety in Textile Industry.

3.      Dock Safety.

4.      Safety in Construction Industry.


During 2nd term students will report back to their respective organisations and shall complete the project & Term Work according to the Scheme prescribed by the Board of Technical Education, U. P.




First Term:  From 16th July 2007 to 19th Oct 2007, Time 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (Teaching at the Institute)


Second Term: From 22nd October 2007 to 31st December 2007 (Project and term work in respective factories)


Third Term:  From 3rd January 2008 to 31st March 2008, Time 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m (Teaching at the institute)




All students will have to appear for a final examination, which will be conducted by the Board of Technical Education, U.P. The examination scheme includes theoretical papers, evaluation of project work, evaluation of term work, practical and oral examinations.





The faculty consists of experts from various disciplines of the Institute, specialists from industries, institutions and other Government departments.




(i)      Basic Educational Qualification:


Recognised Degree or Diploma in any branch of Technology / Engineering or a recognised degree in science with Physics or Chemistry.


(ii)     Experience Required:


Experience of minimum two years in case of degree in Technology / Engineering and minimum five years in the case of Diploma in Engineering / Technology or degree in Physics or Chemistry, in any of the following fields:


(a)         Experience in manufacturing, maintenance, or Safety Department in an industry. or

(b)         Experience in Building or other construction work or department of port or dock or construction Industry. or

(c)         Experience in research, training or education in the field of industrial Safety. or

(d)         Experience in a Government department in administration of any safety legislation.


(iii)    Reservation:


For SC/ST/OBC candidates seats are reserved in accordance with the Government Rules.


(iv)    Sponsorship / Permission


The candidate must be sponsored or permitted by their employers. If the sponsorship / permission is withdrawn by the management during the course, the candidate will be disqualified from continuance of the course.




(i)      Institute Fee: On the day of admission to the course, the selected candidates will have to deposit Rs. 5000/-( Rs. Five Thousand Only )(Non-refundable under any circumstance) as institute fee, for the entire course. This amount will have to be paid either by cash or by a separate crossed Demand Draft drawn in favour of the Director In charge, Regional Labour Institute, Kanpur, payable at Kanpur.


(ii)     Caution money deposit: On the day of admission to the course, the selected candidates will also have to deposit Rs.1000/-( Rs. One Thousand only) (Refundable) for library & laboratory facilities. This amount can be paid either by cash or by a separate crossed Demand Draft drawn in favour of the “Director In charge, Regional Labour Institute, Kanpur”, payable at Kanpur. Note: If paid by Demand Draft, the Demand Draft for caution money amount must be separate & should not be combined with the Demand Draft for the institute fee.


(iii)    Hostel Charges: The course is non-residential and staying in RLI hostel is not compulsory.  Rs. 20/- per head per day will be charged from those who are accommodated in the hostel. These charges are to be paid in advance at the beginning of every month by cash.


(iv)    Expenses of Student Centred Activities: The expenses for the visits to the factories & organising seminar etc., which are a part of the course curriculum, will have to be paid by the students/ sponsoring organisations to the committee formed amongst the students.


(v)     Board's Enrolment & Examination fee etc.: To be paid separately to the Board of Technical Education, U.P. as per their latest directives. (This amount was Rs. 420/- during the session 2006-07) These charges will be collected from the students in cash & will be deposited to the Board.


(vi)    Payment towards annual function of BTE, UP: To be paid to the Board of technical education, UP. (This amount was Rs 10/- per candidate during the session 2006-2007) These charges will be collected from the students in cash & will be deposited to the Board.




The prescribed application form for admission to PDIS course 2007-08 at RLI Kanpur should be downloaded on an A4 size plain paper from the website Applications that are not made in the above mentioned form would not be considered. Duly filled in application forms, accompanied by copies of certificates in respect of age, qualification, duration & nature of experience, duly attested by a gazetted officer should be sent so as to reach the Director in charge, Regional Labour Institute, Sarvodaya Nagar, Kanpur - 208 005 latest by 28th May 2007. Applications received late will not be considered.




After preliminary screening the eligible candidates will be required to appear for an interview before a selection committee at Regional Labour Institute, Kanpur. Admission to the available seats will be given to only those candidates who are recommended for admission by the “Admission Selection Committee” after the interview. The candidates will themselves have to meet all the travelling expenses to attend the interview. It may be noted that calling for interview does not guarantee admission to the course.


At the time of the interview candidates will have to produce all original certificate in support of the educational qualification, age, caste and experience as given in their applications.  Admission will not be granted based upon provisional certificates.




Though the course in non-residential & staying in RLI hostel is not compulsory still limited, non-family accommodation in the hostel, situated in the campus of the Institute is available on FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS for those who request for it.






Academic Year-2007-2008


Last date for accepting duly filled-in application forms by The Director In charge, Regional Labour Institute, Sarvodaya Nagar kanpur-208 005, is 28th May 2007. Application received after this date will not be considered.



 Instructions to Candidate

1.       Please furnish all information in full.

2.       Attach separate sheets wherever the space Provided in the form is inadequate.

3.       Attach copies of certificates & testimonials in respect of age, qualification & experience duly attested by a gazetted officer.

4.       Before sending the filled-in application form, please go through the prospectus & ensure compliance to the check point given in the end of the form.











 Name in full

(in capital letters & as per High School certificate)




 Father’s Name






Date of Birth




Permanent Address


Pin Code:

Telephone No. with STD code


Postal Address

(for correspondence)

Pin Code:

Fax No:

email Id:

Telephone No. with STD code





Are you a member of SC/ST/Ex-Army/ OBC/NT/VJ.? If so give particulars (Attach certificate)





7.      Details of Academic Qualifications.



Sr. No

Name of

Examination Passed

Name and Address of

School, College/Institute

University/ Board


Passing (Enclose attested copies of the document)

Class/ Division obtained

Marks obtained with percentage



































8.         Details of experience (in chronological order). Attach copies of the certificates attested by a gazetted officer.


Sr. No.


Name and Address of

Organisation where

employed (starting from first employment & ending with present employment)

Designation and pay


From                  To

(Enclose attested copies of the documents)

Nature of Duties

(Enclose copies of the certificates)

(Enclose attested copies of the documents)



















































9.         Total experience. ………….Year ………. ….Months…………days   


10.        Any other information which the applicant

desires to give in support of his candidature.:



11.        Hostel accommodation   :                                   Required / Not required




12.    Declaration by the candidate


I hereby declare that information furnished in the application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and that no material information has been willfully suppressed by me. If at any stage it is found that I do not fulfill the eligibility requirements, have used fraudulent means to secure admission, have made false or incorrect statements or my qualifying examination is not recognised by the Board of Technical Education, U.P, then I shall not be allowed to appear at the interview, complete admission formalities, or if in any case already admitted, my admission shall be cancelled and my application/certificates/documents and the fee paid shall not be returned. I also undertake that  after my admission to the course. I shall complete the requisite attendance, projects and term work during the period of the course.




Date                                                                             Signature of the candidate






(To be completed by the sponsoring Authority in case of candidate(s) sponsored by the organisation)


Shri …………………………………………….   holding the post of------------------------------- --------- in this organisation is hereby sponsored to attend the POST-DIPLOMA COURSE IN INDUSTRIAL SAFETY during the academic year 2007-2008.  The application for admission in the prescribed form, duly filled in, has been verified and is forwarded herewith.


Shri ……………………………………………………………………………………… is working in this organisation …………………………………….. w.e.f. ……………………………………….


Place:   ……………………..


                                             Signature of the Sponsoring Authority & Designation

Date:    …………………….      Address ------------------------------------------


                                             Seal of Sponsoring


                                              Ph. no.(Res)                           (office)                           (Mobile)

                                              Fax No.

                                              E-mail Id.



(Please ensure the followings before sending your application form)


1.             Whether you have written your name in the application form in the same manner as is shown in your High School certificate?

2.             Since only those who are presently employed & possess requisite qualification & experience are eligible to apply, please check whether your employer, sponsoring you to do this course, has singed your application form along with his legible seal & full address? If not, then a certificate from your present employer clearly mentioning that you are permitted to do this course should be enclosed.

3.             Whether you have enclosed copies of your high school certificate & degree / diploma certificates along with their mark sheets as well as experience certificates (showing the duration & nature of the experience), duly attested by a gazetted officer?

4.             Whether original certificates of high school, degree / diploma are in your safe custody? These will have to be produced before admission. Admission will not be given based upon the provisional certificates.

5.             Whether you have enclosed equivalence certificate for the basic minimum qualification required for the course? (This is necessary only for those candidates who claim that the examination passed by them is equivalent to the basic minimum qualification.)

6.             Whether you have signed in your application form?